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Terms of use

All these photos can be used both to your personal work for commercial projects.They can be freely used to illustrate your websites, personal or commercial, make your contributions or your business platelets, a real estate brochure, a magazine or a newspaper.
Your only obligation in return is to credit Free2use-it.com as the image source.

Please read the following terms of use carefully:

- websites, blogs:

You can use our photos to your personal sites as well as commercial sites, or on a blog, or forum...
In return, you must place a text hyperlink on the website to free2use-it.com.

You will find many examples in the section "Make a link."

- Newspaper, books:

You can use our photographs to illustrate articles. This includes both magazines as newspapers, brochures or not, platelets or newspaper business... You can also use it to illustrate books or CD cover.

In return, you must credit Free2use-it.com as the image source.

- Other uses:

You can use these photos to illustrate your personal projects, your cards and invitations, your power-point presentations, your flyers... they also can be used freely in school projects or student papers.

In return, you must credit Free2use-it.com as the image source.

What you CAN'T do with our photos

Claiming these photos as your own work

Indicating something else than Free2use-it.com as the image source

Selling these photos, or draw any direct benefit.

Using these photos on objects which will then be sold (T-shirts, mugs, calendars, posters, pen, greeting cards, postcards etc ...)

Providing these photos for download (free or not) on another site, or on CDROM / DVD-ROM

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